The crypto wallet that lives in your Telegram

Send crypto to anyone on Telegram.

Swap tokens on Uniswap in a click.

Buy Ethereum with a debit card.


Buy. Sell. Send. Swap. Stake.

We're putting the world's best DeFi tools inside one powerful app, that lives in the places you chat. 

Meet ParJar. It's our Telegram app that lets you send digital assets through text messages directly in your conversations. Send anyone in the world crypto in the same places you chat. It's as easy as click, send, boom.

Instant. No gas. Zero fees.

Global crypto payments for chats.





Uniswap on Telegram

Uniswap at your fingertips

Our Telegram app, ParJar, lets anyone with a telegram account swap tokens on Uniswap. Three clicks to swap tokens without the fuss. It's Defi's coolest product in the palm of your hand. 

WTF is Parachute?

Parachute is the company, community, and token behind ParJar. Our mission is to change the way people connect in a decentralized world. Together, we're a group of amazing people building cool stuff that people use. Everything we've built has been bootstrapped. No investment. No Y-combinator (yet.) Just people coming together and exploring new ways of doing old things. We have a token that was given to our early supporters and now runs our apps. It's called PAR

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No Crypto? No Problem.

We've partnered with Transak to let you buy Ethereum with your debit card in a click. It's like having a personal Coinbase in your Telegram

Buy Crypto with your debit card 24/7


Let's Talk about PAR

What does PAR do?

The Parachute Token (PAR) is the utility that makes our products run. 

PAR tokens were created at a fixed supply. 

Reduced fees

PAR can be staked inside Parachute products for reduced fees associated with dApp utility.


A portion of tokens collected through fees will be swapped for PAR and burned, reducing the total supply on a rolling basis.


A portion of tokens collected through fees will be returned to the company for operations.


Committing to stake a minimum threshold of PAR for one year will allow members vote on key platform decisions.

On-Chain and Fiat Enabler

PAR will be used as the primary fee source for all integrations, including buying, selling, secure sending, swapping, staking, and multi-currency fiat payments.


Committing to stake a minimum threshold of PAR for 6 months in Parachute products will unlock the ability to participate in partner programs and token distribution events.


A portion of tokens collected in fees will be allocated to supporting the blockchain ecosystem through grants, as decided by PAR governance.


Q1 2018

The PAR contract goes live with distribution to our first 100 early adopters.

Q1 2018

Parachute Community launched to discover early stage projects, build community.

Q2 2018

The Parachute Roadmap

Eight projects launched through early Parachute validation program (aka "Super Troopers")

Q4 2018

Partnership with Google Blockchain and Parachute enters WeWork Labs.

Q3 2018

Q1 2019

Parachute launches alpha project for instant, no fee sending of crypto in group chats

Over 130m PAR distributed to early supporters in year one for being invovled.

Q1 2019

Parachute partners with 30+ B2B companies.

Q3 2019

Q3 2019

ParJar goes live on Telegram with instant, no fee, multi-currency support


Q3 2020

PAR Uniswap liquidity staking goes live for initial swap integration.

Q4 2020

ParJar open adding for groups goes live.

Q4 2020

User web portal for history, second layer security, and multi-platform integraiton.

Q1 2021

Smart contracts for token locking and distribution

Q1 2021

Q1 2021

PAR governance goes live.

Q1 2021

ParJar goes live on second platform.

Q1 2020

ParJar crosses 1,000,000 transactions and 30k users 

ParJar crosses 17k users and 320k transactions with first PAR utility launching (ParGas.)

Q2 2020

Parachute partners with Transak for global fiat on/off ramp

Q2 2020

Parachute technology patent pending with the USPTO

Q3 2020

Swaps goes live with support of Uniswap liquidity 

Q1 2021

Three years of vesting from founding Team

PAR validation goes live with first partner.

Q4 2021

Q1 2022

PAR burn and grant fund allocation go live via PAR governance.

Launch Parachute Vaults. Secure, non-custodial asset protection utilizing PAR products with staking integration.

Q2 2022

Q3 2022

Fiat support in 160 countries through PAR utility.

Q3 2022

B2B and merchant portal integration with fiat and cryptocurrency support.

Smart contract integration to decentralize PAR tokenomics and governance

Q4 2023

Fully decentralized dApp for sending, swapping, buying, selling, and staking integrations in Parachute products.

Q4 2024

On-chain message based OTC inside Parachute products.


The Parachute Team

Lindsey Winder


Lindsey is a three-time tech founder who's built large scale health-tech products in NYC. He holds membership as a NYSEDC alumni, NJHIT Alumni, and NYCHITLabs alumni. Lindsey also has a background in product design and marketing. 

Alex Michelsen


Alexander is a CFA charterholder and with an extensive finance background with JP Morgan Chase and WeWork. Alex also has a software engineering background in developing smart contracts on the Ethereum network. 

Shawn Simas


Shawn is a full-stack senior developer with extensive blockchain expereince. He's operated as the lead software engineer and smart contract engineer for Cryzen in addition to developing and auditing smart contracts for top-tier blockchain companies.

The Community Team

Parachute's community is run by an incredible group of volunteers who have shaped our vision, growth, and community over the past two years. Together, they have built the Parachute world you see today. 



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